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I have dedicated this page to photographs of interest; mostly old and some new. Some I have taken myself on my trips back home to England; others that people have given to me.

George Walton was born in 1796 and is my 3rd gt grandfather. The original is a huge painting held by a relative in England.

George Walton joined the 95th Rifles in 1813 and served at the Battle of Waterloo. He wrote a diary of his life from joining the battalion in until the time of his discharge in 1839 to pension, as a School Master Sergeant. It was known as the 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade. I have a copy of the diary.

In 2015, I was invited to the Celebration of the 200 yr Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 5th June. There was a movie loosely made about this battalion called "Sharpe's Rifles".

The photo to the right is of a "Green Jacket" today and similar to what George would have worn. Photo courtesy of Eric Goodby
Clare Castle barracks in Ireland where George's first son, John, was born in 1827
George Walton and his wife Jane Frances Driscoll about 1845, my 3rd Gt Grandparents
Shakenhurst Lodge nr Bayton, Worc. My 2nd gt grandmother Isabella Tunks, on my mother's side, was a servant in 1840
Richard Tunks b.1780, Died 1877, a 1st cousin 2x rem to Isabella Tunks
Bitterley Church, Shropshire, from where most of the Tunks family originated
My grandfather George Goodby b.1894, third from left in front, worked at Buttons Ltd in Birmingham and played soccer on their team!
Horace E.Goodby, Lord Mayor of Birmingham with Prince Edward, Duke of York. I have a video of the Lord Mayor.
Albert Edward Goodby my 2nd gt grand Uncle, father of Horace E. Goodby, was born in 1849. He made this vase about 1867.
This company was owned by Bernard Goodby, my gt gt uncle, born 1871 in England and died 1948 in Oakland, California. Michael Goodby his grandson shared this photograph with me.
"Wylecop" is a lovely house in the hills of Berriew in Montgomeryshire, Wales. It was owned by John and Ann (Rogers) Harding from 1851-1884. They were my 2nd gt grand uncle and aunt on my mother's side.
Richard Rogers Harding was my 1st cousin 1xrem and lived in Berriew and was a master tailor. He was in his 90s in this photo
William Goodby born 1860 in Birmingham, emigrated to the USA about 1884 but kept in touch with his cousins in Birmingham and made visits to them by airplane.
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William Fisher, my husband's grandfather, wrote a diary in the first world war and it was published into a book by two relatives. The ladies also do lectures about Will, which have proved to be very entertaining and very well attended. The book has been republished in a larger format with photographs.
I now have this vase that he made when a young apprentice Silversmith