Selected Families and Individuals


William Perkins

MARRIAGE: IGI Extracted record, 11 Mar 1790 William Perkins and Mary Vache, St Matthews, Bethnal Green, London. Possible match for this couple.

CHRISTENING: 19 Sep 1762 St Andrews, Holborn, City of London. Thomas son of William and Mary Perkins

George Walton Keesey

1880 CENSUS USA: On Ancestry there is a George W. Keesey. Not sure if this is him.

MARRIAGE: 1883 Jun qtr Eastbourne, Sussex, 2b 133. George Walton Keesey and Annie Kimber.

1891 CENSUS: 57 Lorrimore Road, Newington St Mary, London. George W. Keesey age 34 Congregational Minister born Birmingham. Annie Keesey wife age 31 born in London. George E.H. Keesey son age 4 born in Croydon. Walter M. Keesey son age 3 born in Croydon. Sarah Keesey, mother, married, age 59 born in Birmingham. Emma Smith age 21 general servant born in London. Benjamin Richmond age 21 a student of medicine born in Chorley, Lancs.

1901 CENSUS: Grosvenor, Newington, London. Geo Walton Keesey age 44 Congregational Minister born Birmingham. Annie Keesey wife age 41 born in London, Surrey. Geo Ernest Howard Keesey son age 14 born Croydon, Surrey. Edward Walton Keesey son age 5 born in Newington. Minnie Louise Martha age 19 Mothers Helper. Emily Sawtell boarder.

1911 CENSUS: 4 Wellesley Terrace, Sandwich St Peters, Kent. George Walton Keesey age 54 married Congregational Minister born Birmingham. Annie Keesey wife age 51 married 27 years, 3 live births, 3 living, born Bermondsey, London. Edward Walton Keesey son age 15 Single school boy born Camberwell, London. Jeremiah Monckton Kimber father-in-law age 71 Widower Retired Builder born Pimlico, London.

DEATH: 1936 Jun qtr Essex South Western 4a 327. George W. Keesey age 79, born about 1857.
!PROBATE: National Probate Calendar 28 Jul 1936 George Walton Keesey of Spratt Hall-road Wanstead Essex died 4 May 1936 at The Shrubberies Wanstead Probate Birmingham 28 July to Annie Keesey widow Walter Monckton Keesey civil servant and Edward Walton Keesey company secretary. Effects £497 8s 11d.

DEATH: 1939 Mar qtr Essex South Western 4a 196. Annie Keesey age 79, born about 1860.
!PROBATE: National Probate Calendar 11 May 1939 Annie Keesey 28 Spratt Hall-road Wanstead London E.11 widow died 21 March 1939 Probate Birmingham 11 May to Edward Walton Keesey needle manufacturer. Effects £894 17s 9d.

William Martin

1901 CENSUS: 67 Whitehall Road, Walsall, Staffs. Moses Martin head M age 34 Leather Currier's Labourer born Wolverhampton. Martha Martin wife age 31 born Lichfield, Staffs. Charles son age 12 born Lichfield. William son age 9 born Walsall. George H. son age 8 born Walsall. Mabel M. dau age 5 born Walsall. Arthur H. son age 3 born Walsall. Edwin John son age 4 mos born Walsall.

1911 CENSUS: 22 Whitehall Road, Walsall, Staffs. Moses Martin head age 44 mar Currier's Labourer in Leather Factory born W'hampton, Staffs. Martha wife age 41 marr 23 yrs, 9 live births, 8 living, 1 died, born Hammerwich, Staffs. William son age 19 single Currier Leather Factory, George son age 17 Labourer in Iron Foundry, Minnie daughter age 15 Preparer Fancy Leather Factory, Arthur son age 12, Edwin son age 10, Alfred son age 8, Eva daughter age 5, Doris daughter age 3. All children born Walsall, Staffs.

MARRIAGE: 1915 Jun qtr West Bromwich 6b 1947. William Martin and Elsie M. Lloyd.

Bertrand Edward Perkins

BIRTH: 1839 Dec qtr Holborn, London, 2, 129. Bertrand Edward Perkins.

BANNS: St James Clerkenwell Islington London. Banns. Bertrand Edward Perkins bachelor and Mary Ann Elizabeth Swanson spinster were published on the three Sundays as written 9th, 16th, 23rd April of 1865.

MARRIAGE: 1866 Mar qtr Lambeth, London 1d 344. Bertrand E. Perkins and Mary A.E.Swanson.
!MARRIAGE: St Johns Church in the District of St John Waterloo in the County of Surrey. 7 Jan 1866 Bertrand Edward Perkins of full age Bachelor Cab Driver of Vine Terrace, father William Foster Perkins, Broker. Mary Ann Elizabeth Swanson of full age Spinster of Waterloo Road, father Thomas Busby Swanson, Carpenter. Both signed. Witnesses William Swanson and Elizabeth Swanson. On Ancestry.

1871 CENSUS: 7 Ann Place, Park Chapel, Chelsea, London. Bertrand E. Perkins age 32 an Ostler born in St Andrews, Middlesex. Mary Ann E. Perkins wife age 25 dressmaker, born St Johns, Waterloo, Surrey. Margaret J. Perkins dau age 3 scholar born Lambeth, Surrey.

1881 CENSUS: 11 Caroline Street, Lambeth, London. Elizabeth Swanson head Widow age 58 born Newcastle North. Margaret Swanson dau Unm age 26 Domestic Servant born Lambeth, Surrey. George Swanson head mar age 30 Stone Mason's Labourer born Newington. Bridget Swanson wife age 29 born Lambeth, Surrey. George Swanson son age 8 mos born Lambeth, Surrey. Bertrand E. Perkins head mar age 42 Cab Driver born St Andrews, Holborn. Mary A. Perkins wife age 34 born St Marys Lambeth, Surrey. William E.C. Perkins son age 9 scholar born Chelsea. Thomas G. Perkins son age 6 scholar born St Andrews Holborn. Emma E. Perkins dau age 1 born St Marys, Lambeth.

1898 FULHAM ROAD WORKHOUSE REGISTER: Westminster St Georges. Admitted 25 Apr 1898 B. Ed. Perkins Cabman, age 61 born 1837 from St Margaret's Parish.
!1898 FULHAM ROAD WORKHOUSE REGISTER: Westminster St Georges. Admitted 25 May 1898 Bertrand E. Perkins age 61, Cab Driver born 1837 from St Margaret's Parish.
!1898 FULHAM ROAD WORKHOUSE REGISTER: Westminster St Georges. Admitted 8 Nov 1898 Bertrand E. Perkins age 61, Cabman born 1837 from St Margaret's Parish.
!1898 FULHAM ROAD WORKHOUSE REGISTER: Westminster St Georges. Admitted 15 Nov 1898 B. Edward Perkins age 61 Cab Man born 1837 from St Margaret's Parish.
!1899 FULHAM ROAD WORKHOUSE REGISTER: Westminster St Georges. Admitted 3 Feb 1899 Edwd B. Perkins, Cabman, age 62, born 1837 from St Margaret's Parish.

1901 CENSUS: Metropolitan Asylum, Rickmansworth, Watford, Hertfordshire. Bertrand Edward Perkins patient M age 62 Cab Driver Groom, own account, Holborn St Andrews, London.


Mary Anne Elizabeth Swanson

BAPTISM: St Mary the Less, Lambeth, London. 25 Dec 1862 Elizabeth dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Swanson of 11 Caroline St, Carpenter.

Emma Elizabeth Perkins

BIRTH: 1879 Sep qtr Lambeth London 1d 405. Emma Elizabeth Perkins.
!BAPTISM: St Mary Princes Road, Lambeth, Surrey. 21 Apr 1880 Emma Elizabeth, dau of Bertrand Edward & Mary Ann Perkins of 11 Caroline St, Cab Driver.

Elvino Richmond Richards

IGI: IGI Extracted record for St Thomas, Birmingham. 13 Oct 1850 Elvino Richmond Richards, parents Samuel and Sarah Richards.

MARRIAGE: 1873 Jun qtr Birmingham 6d 287. Mary Hammersley and Elvino Richmond Richards.

1881 CENSUS: 1 back of 9 Latimer Street, St Thomas, Birmingham. Elvino Richd Richards head mar age 30 Foreman Pocket Book Maker born Birmingham. Mary wife age 27 born Birmingham. Elvino Richd son age 6 scholar, Agnes Maria dau age 3. All born Birmingham.

1891 CENSUS: 6 Gooch Street, St Martins, Birmingham. Elvino R. Richards age 40 leather purse maker. Mary Richards wife age 36 born in Bulkington, Warwickshire. Elvins R. Richards son age 16 purse maker, Agnes Richards daughter age 13.

DEATH: Bef 1901 Mary Richards.

1901 CENSUS: 121 Highgate Street, Aston Deritend. Edwin R. Richards head Widr age 50 Fancy T & Purse Maker born Birmingham. Edwin R. son age 26 ditto, Agnes M. dau age 23, ditto. All born Birmingham, Warks.

DEATH: 1906 Dec qtr Aston 6d 255. Elvino Richmond Richards age 56, born about 1850.

John Ducros

MARRIAGE: 1839 Jun qtr Birmingham 16, 351. John Ducros and Mary Bridge. IGI Extracted record of St Philips Church, 20 May 1839 Mary Bridge and John Ducros.

1841 CENSUS: not found

1851 CENSUS: Wood Street, Walthamstow, Essex. Mary A. Ducros widow age 42 Cook born Kings Norton, Worcs.

1851 CENSUS: Village of Bellbroughton, Worcs. John Ducros age 38 Master Painter born Birmingham. Mary wife age 29 born Birmingham. Thomas son age 9, Adolphus son age 7, Malvena daughter age 5, Amanza son age 2.

BILLINGS DIRECTORY & GAZETEER: 1855 Bellbroughton, Worcs. John Ducros, plumber & glazier.

1861 CENSUS: Bellbroughton, Worcs. John Ducros age 45 Painter & Glazier born Birmingham. Mary Ducros age 48 Painter's wife born Birmingham. Adolphus son age 16 Painter born Bellbroughton. Malvena A. daughter age 14, Amanza son age 12, Julius son age 10, Walter W. son age 8, George A. son age 6.

1871 CENSUS: Little Charles St, Birmingham. Alfred Ducros lodger age 18 Paperhanger born Birmingham.

POST OFFICE DIRECTORY: 1878 and 1879 Birmingham, Heath Street south east side, 83 Heath Street, Ducros John, plumber &c. Ducross Amanga, tobacconist, 10 Great Brook Street.

1881 CENSUS: Inkerman Street, Ct 4 hse 3, Aston. John Owens (should be Ducros) father-in-law age 59 an artist born in Dublin, Ireland. Thomas Merrick age 41 Assistant Chemist. Drusall Merrick wife age 41, Thomas son age 9, Emily daughter age 7, Walter son age 5, William son age 3, Albert son age 1.

Adolphus Ducros

BIRTH: 1844 Jun qtr Bromsgrove 18, 210. Adolphus Ducros.

Martha Driscoll

MARRIAGE: Found by Kate Dempsey, a professional genealogist. 19 Nov 1837 Martha Driscoll and Denis Hanly. Catholic marriage and witnesses were Thomas Flynn and Denis Foley.

Bernard Dennis Goodby

BIRTH: 1925 Sep qtr Birmingham N 6d 872. Bernard D. Goodby.

1939 CENSUS: 2 Alfred St, Birmingham, Warks. Ernest J. Goodby male Mar b.19 Dec 1890, Acetylene Cutter Steel. Agnes C. Goodby female Mar b.21 May 1890 Unpaid Domestic Duties. Florence M. Preston Single b.21 Jul 1878 female Machine Minder. Florence N. Pugh (Goodby) female Single b.18 Nov 1922 Pattern Button Card. Bernard D. Goodby male Single b.4 Jun 1925 Wireless Feames Aero. Raymond J. Goodby male Single b.18 May 1929 At School.

MARRIAGE: 1945 Mar qtr Birmingham 6d 664. Evelyn Dodson and Bernard D. Goodby.

NOTE: I have a photo of this couple from Ray's information on

Edward Lewis Humphreys

BIRTH: 1857 Mar qtr Dudley, Staffs Worcs, 6c 74. Edward Lewis Humphreys.

1871 CENSUS: with parents


1881 CENSUS: 33 Tunnel Street, Coseley, Sedgley, Staffs. Edward Humphries age 24 Iron Pot Moulder born in Coseley. Mary Ann Humphries wife age 22 Tailoress unemployed born Coseley. David son age 1 born in Coseley.

1891 CENSUS: 33 Tunnel Street, Coseley, Sedgley, Staffs. Edward Humphries age 34 pot driller in iron foundry, born in Sedgley. Mary Ann wife age 32 Tailoress. Nelly daughter age 4 born in Sedgley.

1901 CENSUS: 33 Tunnel Street, Coseley, Sedgley, Staffs. Edward Humphries age 44 Iron Sand Blasting, born in Coseley. Mary Ann Humphries wife age 42. Nellie daughter age 14, Joseph son age 8, Ernest son age 4. All children born in Coseley.

1911 CENSUS: not found, they are not at 33 Tunnel Street.

Joseph Humphreys

1911 CENSUS: 63 Ward Street, Coseley, Nr Bilston, Staffs. Susan Humphreys head age 46 Single Housekeeper born Coseley, Staffs. Lucy Jones niece age 25 Single General Domestic Servant born Coseley, Staffs. Joseph Humphreys nephew age 19 Single General Labourer born Coseley, Staffs.