Selected Families and Individuals


James Hughes

MARRIAGE: 1875 Sandridge, Dinah Barker and James Hughes, Witness Susan Southam. From information from Don Hughes.

1881 CENSUS: 6 Spencer Street, St Albans St Peter, Herts. James Hughes age 31 Railway Labourer born Sandridge, Herts. Dinah wife age 27 Hat Sewer born Wheathampstead. Lousia Eliz Barker daughter age 8 born Wheathampstead. Katie S. Hughes daughter age 5 born Sandridge, Herbert J. son age 2, Rosetta daughter age 1 month born St Peters. Joseph Dix boarder age 27 Railway Lab born Ampthill, Beds.

1891 CENSUS: No.2 Heath Cottages, Edmonton, Middlesex. James Hughes age 42 Labourer born Sandridge. Dinah wife age 36 born Wheathampsted. Herbert son age 12 born Sandridge, Edward son age 7 born Wood Green, Middlesex. Samuel son age 5, Benjamin son age 2, James son age 3 months. Frederick Burrows lodger age 19 Carpenter born Toddington, Beds.

1901 CENSUS: 5 Heath Cottages, Edmonton, Middlesex. James Hughes age 52 Road Sweeper born Sandridge. Dinah wife age 46 born Wheathampstead. Edward son age 17 Carman, Samuel son age 15 Florist Gardener, Benjamin son age 12, James son age 10, Florence daughter age 8, Ivy daughter age 6, Harold son age 3. Arthur Hughes boarder single age 23 Printing Machine Minder born Finsbury Park, London.

Dinah Barker

BIRTH: Certificate obtained March 2010. 1 May 1854 The Folly, Hitchin, Herts. Dinah, girl, father William Barker, mother Eliza Barker late Potter, formerly Hill, father's occupation Labourer.

John Reece

1841 CENSUS: Eckington, Worcs. John Reece age 35 a Miller in county. Charlotte Reece age 30. Hilary Reece age 12. Mary Reece age 4. Mary Brotheridge Independent age 30. Susannah Brotheridge age 1.

1851 CENSUS: Mill Road, Eckington, Worcs, England. Anson Farley age 39 Ag Lab born Bredon. Mary Farley wife age 33 born Bredon. Susannah Brotherage (step daughter) age 12 born Bredons Hardwick. Anne Farley daughter age 7 born Cleeve, Gloucs. Not sure how the Brotheridge is connected but found Mary had remarried. They were living with the Reece family in 1841.

1851 CENSUS: Mill Road, Eckington, Worcs, England. John Reece age 51 a Miller born Strensham. Charlotte Reece age 48 born Bredons Norton. Hilary T. Reece daughter age 21. Mary A. Reece daughter age 15. George Taylor lodger age 20 Miller.

1861 CENSUS: Mill Road, Eckington, Worcs, England. John Reece age 62 a Miller born Strensham. Charlotte wife age 60 a leather gloveress born in Bredons Norton. Mary A. daughter age 26 unmarried born Eckington. Mary A. grandaughter age 11 born Eckington.

Tom Brook Ellison

BIRTH: 1872 Dec qtr Leeds Yorkshire 9b 548. Thomas Brook Ellison
!MARRIAGE: 1900 Dec qtr Aston 6d 541. Clarissa Maude Price and Tom Brook Ellison.

1901 CENSUS: 1 Edinburgh Grove, Armley, Leeds. Tom B. Ellison age 28 Draper on own account. Clarissa Ellison wife age 23 born Birmingham. [Tom's parents are living next door]..

1911 CENSUS: Wakefield Road, Garforth, Tadcaster, Yorkshire, West Riding. Tom Brook Ellison age 38 Buyer Hosiery born Leeds, Yorkshire. Clarissa Maude Ellison wife age 33 married 10 yrs 2 live births, 2 still living born Birmingham, Warks. Beryl Eileen Ellison daughter age 8 born Leeds, Yorkshire. Arthur Geoffrey Ellison age 8 months born Garforth, Yorkshire.

Clarissa Maud Price

BIRTH: 1877 Sep qtr Aston 6d 402. Clarissa Maud Price.

NOTE: On FamilySearch Catherine Pinion had saved a sealing for Clarissa to her husband and had added a death date from a Family Bible. I have contacted her through FamilySearch on 5/25/2017.

NOTES: First contact on FS. From me: Hi, I noticed that you had added a death date to the above and obviously you must be related since the death was entered into a family Bible. I am a descendent of the Walton's and have been researching them for many years. I have lots of information and details for this line of my family. Clarissa is my 1st cousin 3x rem. or

NOTE: 25 May 2017 From Catherine: Dear Georgina, Clarissa was my Great Aunt Clarrie and married into the Fidler family. I am in touch with her grandson and will contact him for you ..... he has been researching the family for years and as that is his side of the family, I think he is the best person for you to contact. I will call him today. Catherine. Sorry. Clarrie married into the Ellison family .......... My grandmother was an Ellison and she married into the Fidler family.

NOTE: 25 May 2017 from me: Hi Catherine, Thank you for your reply and glad to know you are a rellie! I am assuming you know about George Walton from whom Clarissa hails. Did you know about George's diary? I was in contact with Tom Ellison in England some years ago and he let me copy the diary. Since then the diary has been published by another relative who I am in touch with. This is all so amazing. Georgina

NOTE: From Catherine: Yes, I was going to tell you about George Walton and that his diary was now published - an amazing document. It was Tom I spoke to and he knew of your interest, so guess you have everything. No, I am not a really a relative and therefore cannot tell you anything really. Clarissa married Tom Ellison who was a brother of my grandmother, Sarah Hannah Brook Ellison. So, Clarissa and Sarah Hannah were sisters-in-law. I do remember her - she was tall, taller than Tom.

NOTE: I asked her in the answer above if she was LDS but she is not:. From Catherine: No, I am not LDS - just use the site. I don't know of any in the family. But, I am not related - it is just that Clarissa who married my Great Uncle Tom Ellison. It is all "in-laws" for me. Clarissa's Mother-in-law was my great-grandmother. So, I'm not a bloodline relative, just distantly because Clarissa married into my family!!

Beryl Eileen Ellison

BIRTH: 1903 Dec qtr Bramley Yorkshire 9b 327. Beryl Eileen Ellison.

Henry George Foxall

MARRIAGE: 1896 Dec qtr Birmingham 6d 388. Ada Pratt and Henry George Foxall.

1901 CENSUS: 112 Lombard Street, St Johns, Deritend, Birmingham. Martha Foxall married age 46 (extracted as 54) Laundress. George Foxall son married age 22 an axle turner. Ada Foxall daughter-in-law age 22 brass case maker. Polly Foxall daughter age 21 a wrapper custard powder. William Foxall son age 16 a brass filer. Elizabeth daughter age 11, Louisa daughter age 9, George son age 5, Thomas son age 3 and Minnie niece age 4 months.

1911 CENSUS: 112 Lombard Street, Birmingham. Martha Foxall widow age 50 married 20 yrs, 9 live births, 5 living, 4 dead, Warehouse Employee Whip Worker, born Birmingham. George Foxall son age 33 married 17 yrs 5 live births, 5 living, Axle Turner in Carrriage Works, born Warwickshire. George Foxall junr grandson age 15 Filer in Brass Works, Thomas Foxall grandson age 12 School, Lizzie Foxall daughter age 21 single Leather Worker in Saddle Works, Lovey Foxall daughter age 19 single Leather Worker in Saddle Works, Henry Hall nephew age 7, Ernie Foxall grandson age 6. Howard Goxill visitor age 1½.

Edwin Wilday

MARRIAGE: 1886 Sep qtr Aston 6d 349. Edwin Wilday .. no name listed.

1891 CENSUS: 66 Brougham Street, Aston Manor, Warks. Edwin Wilday age 29 a jewellers die sinker. Sarah H. Wilday wife age 31 born in Coventry.

1901 CENSUS: 66 Brougham Street, Aston Manor, Warks. Edwin Wilday age 39 a die sinker tool maker. Sarah H. Wilday wife age 41 born in Coventry.

Thomas Instan

1841 CENSUS: Menith Wood, Pensax, Worcs. Thomas Instan age 40 a carpenter. Elizabeth Instan age 60. No relationship noted, could be his mother.

MARRIAGE: 1848 Dec qtr Martley, Worcs 18, 591. Thomas Instan and Eliza Pugh.

1851 CENSUS: Pensax, Worcs. Thomas Instan (extracted as Instone) age 54 a carpenter born in Lindridge. Eliza Instan wife age 24 born in Lindridge. Sarah Instan daughter age 2, Mary Instan daughter age 7 months. Both daughters born in Pensax. Living next door to Matthew and Mary Tolley.

1861 CENSUS: Lindridge, Worcs. Thomas Instan (extracted as Instance) age 61 carpenter born in Pensax. Sarah (should be Eliza) wife age 32 born Pensax. Mary daughter age 13 born Pensax, John son age 3 born in Stockton, Worcs. Ann Pugh mother-in-law widow age 82 invalid born in Herefordshire.

Matthew Price

MARRIAGE: IGI extracted record. 12 Jun 1837 St Chads, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Matthew Pryce and Elizabeth Ward.

1841 CENSUS: St Marys Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Matthew Pryce age 40 Gardener of this county. Elizabeth Pryce age 35 of this county. Lucy Pryce age 2 of this county. John Pryce age 1 of this county. Benjamin Pryce age 50 Ag Lab of this county. Jane Reece age 15 FS not of this county.

1851 CENSUS: Collow Hill, Shrewsbury. Mathew Pryce age 50 born Shrewsbury, Salop. Elizabeth wife age 44, John son age 12, Lucy daughter age 11, Edward son age 7, William son age 5, Henry son age 2. All born Shrewsbury.

DEATH: 1860 Sep qtr Shrewsbury Shropshire 6a 365. Matthew Price.

1861 CENSUS: Infant School, Gas House Lane, Shrewsbury. Elizabeth Price widow age 55 born in Shrewsbury. Lucy Price daughter unmarried age 22 Infant School Mistress. William Price son age 15 hosiers app.

1871 CENSUS: Leinster Place, Coventry Road, Aston, Birmingham. John Matthew Price age 30 Comm traveller born in Shrewsbury. Clarissa (Unissa) wife age 25, Arthur Duke Price son age 7, Clara Edith daughter age 2, George Walton Price son age under 1. Elizabeth Price, mother, widow age 66 born Shrewsbury.

1881 CENSUS:

DEATH: 1887 Jun qtr 11b 145. Elizabeth Pryce age 80, born about 1807.

Edward Price

BIRTH: 1843 Dec qtr Shrewsbury 18, 174. Edward Pryce.

1861 CENSUS: Gravel Hill, Berwick, Shropshire. Edward Price servant age 17 Groom born Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Living with the Gough family of farmers.

1871 CENSUS: Wyle Cop, St Julian, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Edward Price servant age 27 Boots born Shrewsbury. Head of household Octavia Maddocks Hotel Keeper and several workers.

1881 CENSUS: 9 ct no.10 Frankwell, St Chads Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Edward Price Lodger single age 33 Labourer born Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

1891 CENSUS: 24 Swan Hill, St Chads Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Edward Price age 47 Groom Ostler born Shrewsury.

1901 CENSUS: 4 Gullett Passage, St Chads Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Edward Price Boarder S age 59 Ostler Groom born Shrewsbury. Living with Herbert Wilson family, Fishmongers.

Henry Price

BIRTH: 1848 Jun qtr Shrewsbury 18, 169. Henry Pryce.
!DEATH: 1855 Jun qtr Shrewsbury 6a 447. Henry Pryce.

Henry Foxall

1841 CENSUS: High Street, Deritend, Bordesley, Birmingham. Henry Foxall age 20 Pearl Button Maker. Living with the Merrick family. Mary Merrick age 50 schoolmistress, Eliza Merrick age 20 a box maker, Thomas Merrick age 20 a pearl button maker, Maria Merrick age 15.

MARRIAGE: 1846 Sep qtr West Bromwich, Staffs 18, 612. Henry Foxall and Maria Merrick.

1851 CENSUS: 91 High Street, Deritend, Birmingham. Henry Foxall age 28 Pearl Button Turner born in Hockley. Maria Foxall wife age 26 a school mistress born Birmingham. Henry J. Foxall son age 1. Mary Merrick mother-in-law widow age 70 born in Clent, Worcestershire.

DEATH: There are several Henry Foxalls for the time frame.

1861 CENSUS: 91 High Street, Deritend, Birmingham. Maria Foxall widow age 36 shopkeeper. Henry son age 12 worker at bedsteads. George son age 10 bone worker. Maria daughter age 7, Mary Ann daughter age 5. Ellen Turner age 22 a domestic servant.

1871 CENSUS: 91 High Street, Deritend, Birmingham. John M. Maisey age 41 Provision Dealer & Clerk in a Brassfounders Warehouse, born Marylebone, Middlesex. Maria Maisey wife age 45 attends to provisions born Aston. Maria Foxall daughter-in-law age 17 Paper Colourer born Aston, Mary A. Foxall daughter-in-law age 15 Assistant in Shop born Aston.

1881 CENSUS: 91 High Street, Bordesley, Birmingham. John Michael Maisey age 51 Warehouse Clerk & Grocer born London, Middlesex. Maria Maisey wife age 55 born Aston. Maria Foxall daughter-in-law age 26 Paper Colourer born Aston, Annie Maria Foxall granddaughter-in-law age 11 born Aston. Next door is Henry John Foxall, son of Maria.

1891 CENSUS: 91 High Street, Bordesley, Birmingham. John Maisey age 61 Grocer & Manager of a Brass Foundry born London Middlesex. Maria wife age 61 Manages Grocery Business born Aston. Maria Foxall grandaughter age 7 assistant in shop born Aston.

Mary Anne Foxall

BIRTH: According to census records Mary Anne is younger than Eliza. They were both christened at the same time.

Alfred James Reuben Hughes

OCCUPATION: Painter and Decorater.

Edwin Wilday

1861 CENSUS: 1 b of 6 Summer Hill Lane, All Saints, Birmingham. Edwin Wilday age 26 a toolmaker. Sarah Wilday wife age 23, Elizabeth Wilday daughter age 2.

1871 CENSUS: 14 Friston Street, Ladywood, Birmingham. Edwin Wilday age 36 a die sinker, Sarah Ann Wilday wife age 33, Elizabeth Wilday daughter age 12, Edwin Wilday son age 8, Sarah Ann Wilday daughter age 7, William Wilday son age 4, and Matilda Wilday daughter age 1.

1881 CENSUS: 14 Friston Street, Ladywood, Birmingham. Edwin Wilday age 46 a die sinker. Sarah Ann Wilday wife age 44, Edwin Wilday son age 19 a die sinker, Sarah Ann Wilday daughter age 17 a warehouse girl, William Wilday son age 14 a jeweller, Matilda Wilday daughter age 11, and Clara daughter age 8.

1891 CENSUS:

1901 CENSUS:

DEATH: 1923 Jun qtr West Bromwich 6b 785. Edwin Wilday age 88, born about 1835.