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John Thomas Fieldhouse

BIRTH: Certificate obtained 3 Mar 2000. John Thomas Fieldhouse born 4/5 Sheepcote Street, Ladywood, Birmingham on 18 Feb 1905 to John Fieldhouse, father, Labourer at Tube Works and Alice Fieldhouse formerly Griffin.

MARRIAGE: Certificate obtained 16 Jul 1999. The Register Office, Birmingham on 25 Feb 1928. John Thomas Fieldhouse age 22 bachelor, motor driver, of 7/14 St Vincent Street, Ladywood, father John Fieldhouse deceased a General Carter. Rose Emma Johnson age 20 a spinster, press worker of 93 Nelson Street, Ladywood, father Henry Johnson a Toolmaker.

Rose Emma Johnson

BIRTH: Certificate obtained 3 Mar 2000. Rose Emma Johnson born at 106 Nelson Street, Ladywood on 28 Sep 1907 to Henry Johnson, Machine Tool Maker, and Minnie Johnson formerly Price.

DEATH: Certificate obtained. 20 Dec 1991 at 7 Alston Street, Ladywood. Rose Emma Fieldhouse formerly Johnson, widow of John Thomas Fieldhouse. Birthdate 28 Sep 1907.

John Thomas Fieldhouse

1881 CENSUS: With parents. See Henry and Eliza Fieldhouse.
!1891 CENSUS: With parents. See Henry and Eliza Fieldhouse.

MARRIAGE: Found in indexes. 1898 Mar qtr Bham Warks 6d 21. Certificate obtained April 2009. The Register Office, Birmingham 12 Feb 1898 John Fieldhouse age 24 yrs bachelor Omnibus Conductor of Grosvenor Street, Birmingham, father John Fieldhouse, Bricklayers Labourer. Alice Griffin age 20 yrs spinster of 98 Sherbourne Street, Birmingham, father John Griffin, Chemical Works Labourer. Witnesses: Elizabeth J. Cooper and Henry G. Knight.

1901 CENSUS: St Margarets, Ladywood, Birmingham. [John is living with his brother Henry and his wife]. John Fieldhouse brother age 27 general labourer born in Birmingham, Alice Fieldhouse wife age 23 born in Blackheath Staffs, Doris niece age 1 born in Birmingham. Henry Fieldhouse age 34 a general labourer born Birmingham, wife Emily age 26 born in Bristol, Glos. William Henry son age 4 born in Tipton, George Jas son age 2 born in Birmingham, John Chas son age 6 months born in Birmingham.

1915 BRITISH ARMY WWI PENSION RECORDS: John Thomas Fieldhouse, Male age 42. BIRTH DATE: abt 1873,
RESIDENCE PLACE: 7 The Back 145 St Vincents St, Ladywood Birmingham, REGIMENTAL NUMBER: 12291,
REGIMENT NAME: Assam Rifles. FORM TITLE: Short Service Attestation. Discharged 23 Oct 1915. Next of Kin wife Alice. Height 5'2½". Age 42 yrs. Army Vet Corp. Disablement Pension. Trade Groom.

1911 CENSUS: not found.

DEATH: Before 1928 John Fieldhouse.

Doris Fieldhouse

BAPTISM: St Marks Parish Church, King Edwards Road, City of Birmingham. Bap 31 Jan 1900 Doris dau of John & Alice Fieldhouse of 4/62 Garbett St, Tube Drawer.

Henry Johnson

1911 CENSUS: 9/85 Nelson Street, Ladywood, Birmingham. Henry Johnson head age 26 married 5 yrs, 2 live births, 2 living, Shaper Engineer born Westminster. Minnie Johnson wife age 25 born Bham. Rose Johnson dau age 5 born Bham. Harry Johnson son age 2 born Bham.

John Fieldhouse

MARRIAGE: 1864 Sep qtr Birmingham 6d 209. John Fieldhouse and Eliza Hipkins.
!MARRIAGE: St Philips Parish Church Birmingham in the County of Warwickshire. 18 July 1864 John Fieldhouse age 20 bachelor Polisher, of Parade, father John Fieldhouse, Jeweller. Eliza Hipkins age 20 Spinster of Parade, father William Hipkins, Brazier. By Banns. Both left their mark. Witnesses the mark of Mary Ann Cox, William Cox.

1871 CENSUS: not found

1881 CENSUS: Steward St, back of "Lamp", Birmingham, Warwickshire. Henry Fieldhouse mar age 36 Iron Works Labourer born London, Middlesex. Eliza Fieldhouse wife age 34 born in Birmingham. Henry son age 14 Bolt Forgers Assistant born in B'ham, William son age 11 born in Bham, Eleanor daughter age 9 born Bham, John son age 7 born Bham, Lizzie daughter age 5 born Bham, Minnie daughter age 4months born Bham.

1891 CENSUS: 47 Steward Street, Rotten Park, Birmingham. John Fieldhouse age 45 born Lambeth, London. Eliza Fieldhouse wife age 42 born Birmingham. Ellen daughter age 19 press worker, John son age 17 labourer, Elizabeth daughter age 14 machinist, Minnie daughter age 10.

1901 CENSUS: 4/46 Steward Street, Rotton Park, Birmingham. John Fieldhouse age 56 Bricklayers Labourer born in Shoreditch, London. Eliza Fieldhouse wife age 53.

1911 CENSUS: 1/61 Monument Road, Birmingham. John Fieldhouse boarder age 66 Gen Labourer born Bham. Eliza Fieldhouse boarder age 64 married 46 years, 8 live birth, 6 living, 2 died, born Birmingham. Thomas Hanslow head age 35 Brass Dipper born Birmingham. Amy Hanslow wife age 30 married 5 years no children Paper Box Maker born Bham.

NOTE: This gentleman was known as either John or Henry Fieldhouse.

Beryl Elizabeth Rose Fieldhouse

BIRTH: 1931 Jun qtr Birmingham N., 6d 500. Beryl E. R. Fieldhouse, mother's maiden name Johnson.
!MARRIAGE: 1951 Dec qtr Birmingham 9c 547. Beryl E. R. Fieldhouse and Daniel Kelly.

Thomas Green

MARRIAGE: 1840 Dec qtr Worcester 18 632. Janette Thomas and Thomas Green.

1841 CENSUS: ?? Hill, City of Worcester. Thos Greeen age 20 Gardener in county, Jannetta Green age 25 in county.

1861 CENSUS: 15 Sun St West, St Thomas, Birmingham. Thomas Green head M age 43 Gardener born Worcester. Janetta Green wife age 49 born Glamorganshire, Wales. Miriam Jane Green dau age Un age 18 Milliner born Worcester. Janette Green dau age 16 Dress Making born Birmingham. Frederick son age 14 Printer born Bham. Elizabeth dau age 8 scholar born Bham. Charles Hinton visitor age 13 Errand Boy born Kings Heath, Birmingham.

1871 CENSUS: Jakeman Walk, Brighton Terrace, Kings Norton, Worcs. Next door is their daughter Miriam. Thomas Green head Mar age 53 Gardner born Worcester. Jennett Green wife age 57 born South Wales. Elizabeth Green dau Unm age 18 Stationer born Birmingham.

DEATH: 1874 Dec qtr Kings Norton 6c 307. Thomas Green age 57, born about 1817.
!BURIAL: St Bartholomews, Edgbaston. 12 Dec 1874 Thomas Green of Edgbaston age 57 yrs.

1881 CENSUS: not found.

DEATH: 1884 Mar qtr Kings Norton 6c 267. Janetta Green age 71, born about 1813.

Thomas Hopkins Green

BIRTH: 1849 Jun qtr Birmingham 16, 412. Thomas Hopkins Green.
!CHRISTENING: St Martins, Birmingham, Warks. Bap 10 Sep 1849 Thomas Hopkins Green, parents Thomas & Jennette Green. Film No. 919773.

BURIAL: 11 Apr 1850 St Thomas, Birmingham, Warwicks, Thomas Hopkins Green age 6 of Sun Street West. Film No. 817179.

Frederick Green

CHRISTENING: St Lukes in Parish of St Martin, Birmingham, Warks. Born 21 Jan 1847, Bap 4 Apr 1847 Frederick, parents Thomas & Jennet Green of Sun Street West, Gardener.

Elizabeth Green

CHRISTENING: St James, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Bap 26 Sep 1852 Elizabeth dau of Thomas & Henrietta Green of Sun Street West, Gardener. [Her mother's name is Jeanetta, all other information is correct].

John Busby

1861 CENSUS: Philip Street, Aston, Warks. Robert Busby age 40 Bricklayer born Adderbury, Oxon. Rhoda wife age 37 born Birmingham. George son age 18 Carpenter born Bham. Robert son age 14 Painter born Oxford. James son age 12 born Oxford. Alice daughter age 10 born Birmingham. John Busby cousin age 18 Carpenter born Adderbury, Oxon. [Note: I don't this is our John as I found John Busby carpenter age 49 in 1891 born same with Eliza in Aston].
!MARRIAGE: 1865 Sep qtr Birmingham 6d 1. John Busby and Sarah Dolphin.
!MARRIAGE: All Saints, Birmingham, Warks. 2 July 1865 John Busby age 21 Bachelor, Railway Porter of Brittania Place Wheeler Street, father William Busby, Gardiner? Sarah Dolphin age 25 Spinster, Liner of Little Hampton Street, father Oliver Dolphin, Liner. Both signed. Witnesses Oliver Dolphin and Mary Walters.

1871 CENSUS: 1 Victoria Place, St Mark Street West, Ladywood, Birmingham. John Busby M age 26 Railway Ticket Examiner born Adderbury, Oxford. Sarah Busby wife age 30 born Bham. Jane daughter age 5, Mary Ann daughter age 4, Edith Ann age 3 months.

1881 CENSUS: 24 North Brook Street, Birmingham. John Busby head mar age 36 Railway Guard born Adderbury, Oxford. Sarah wife age 41 born in Birmingham. Jane dau age 15 Gold chain maker born Birmingham, Mary A. dau age 13 Gold chain maker, William J. son age 8, George son age 6 and Frank son age 2. [Averil Cave notes that she has a picture of John Busby as a Railway Guard].

1891 CENSUS: not found

DEATH: 1899 Dec qtr Birmingham 6d 140. John Busby age 55, born about 1844.

1901 CENSUS: 144 Unett Street, St George, Bham. Sarah Busby head Widow age 63 Huckster Shop Keeper born Bham.
!DEATH: 1912 Dec qtr Kings Norton 6c 464. Sarah Busby age 72, born about 1840. Not sure.

Mary Ann Busby

CHRISTENING: St Marks Church, Birmingham, Warks. Bap 13 Oct 1872 Mary Ann, parents John & Sarah Busby of 13 St Marks Street West, Railway Inspector. On Ancestry.