Selected Families and Individuals


Bethuel Booth

MARRIAGE: Kirkburton, Yorks. 11 Jul 1883 Bethuel Booth age 24 Bachelor Compositor, Kate Gilbert Beddard age 24 Spinster. Both of Town End, Shelley, Yorkshire. Father's names Jabez Booth (deceased), Francis Beddard (deceased).

1891 CENSUS: No. 3 Wren Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Bethuel Booth head mar age 32 Printer & Compositor born Kirkburton, Yorks. Kate G. Booth wife age 32 born Kingswinford, Worcs. Ethel M. Scott visitor age 5 born Huddersf. Yorks.

1901 CENSUS: 3 Wren Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Bethuel Booth head mar age 42 Printer's Compositor born Shelley Yorks. Kate G. Booth wife age 42 born Dudley, Staffs.

1911 CENSUS: 12 Regent Road, Edgerton, Huddersfield. Bethuel Booth head age 52 married Letterpress Printer Overseer born Kirkburton, Yorks. Kate Gilbert Booth wife age 52 married 27 yrs no children born Dudley, Worcs. Gladys Mary Harris niece age 19 Single Tailoress in Wholesale Clothing born Skelmanthorpe, Yorks.

John Weems

MARRIAGE: Abt 1821 John Weems and Margaret.

MARRIAGE: Bromfield, Shropshire, England. 13 Oct 1839 Name John Weems, father's name William Weems. Spouse's Name Martha Rowley, Spouse's Father's Name, William Rowley. GS Film number 992076.

1841 CENSUS: Mill Street, Ludlow. District 3, Page 8. John Weems age 20 Tailor of this county. [Son of Ann Weems].
!1841 CENSUS: Stead Vallets, Bromfield, Ludlow, Shropshire. District 12, Page 7. Extracted as Wem. John Weems age 50 Ag Lab. Martha Weems age 45, Mary Weems age 12, Ann Weems age 10. All of this county.

1851 CENSUS: Hop Pole Inn, Mill Street, Ludlow. Extracted as Wums. John Weems age 61 Victualler born in P or Culmington? Salop. Martha Weems wife age 58 born Bromfield. Jane Morgan servant age 21 born Ludlow.

1861 CENSUS: Bitterley, Shropshire, England. John Weems age 71 Retired Publican born Bromfield, Shrops. Martha Weems wife age 69 born Bromfield.

DEATH: 1869 Jun qtr Ludlow 6a 366. John Weems age 80, born about 1789.

1871 CENSUS: New House, Bitterley, Shropshire, England. William Nash age 40 Farmer of 39 acres born Cainham. Emma Nash wife age 43 born in Onibury. Alice daughter age 14 born Bromfield, Clara daughter age 11 born Hope Baggott, George son age 9 born Bitterley, Louisa daughter age 4 born Bitterley. Martha Weems lodger widow age 79 retired innkeeper born Bromfield.

DEATH: 1874 Jun qtr Ludlow 6a 373. Martha Weems age 83, born about 1791.

Eliza Weems

CHRISTENING: LUDLOW, SHROPSHIRE, ENGLAND. 26 Jan 1823 child: Eliza Weems, Father's Name John Weems,
Mother's Name Margaret. GS Film number 918859.

Ann Weems

CHRISTENING: BROMFIELD, SHROPSHIRE, ENGLAND. 26 Sep 1830 child: Ann Weems, Father's Name John Weems,
Mother's Name Margaret. GS Film number 992076.

William Weems

BURIAL: Culmington, Shropshire, England. 15 Nov 1821 William Weems. Film No. 1657548.

John Nash

CHRISTENING: Shropshire: Stanton Lacy, Bitterley - Parish Registers, Hereford Diocese. 25 Apr 1803 John, s. of John and Ann Nash bap. born 20 Apr 1803. Book: Births and Christenings, 1799-1812. (Birth).

Mary Ann Nash

CHRISTENING: Shropshire: Stanton Lacy, Bitterley - Parish Registers, Hereford Diocese. 23 Sep 1805 Mary Ann, d. of John and Ann Nash chr. born 29 Aug 1805. Book: Births and Christenings, 1799-1812. (Birth)

Benjamin Herbert Nash

1881 CENSUS: New Lodge, Bromfield, Shropshire. Herbert Nash boarder Un age 22 Gardener's Apprentice Labourer born Bitterley, Shropshire.

MARRIAGE: 1886 Jun qtr Ludlow 6a 1019. Mary Alice Davies and Benjamin Herbert Nash. Possible.

1901 CENSUS: Hen Efel, Llanrhaiadr, Denbighshire, Wales. Benjamin Herbert Nash head M age 42 Gardener born Bitterley, Salop. Mary Alice Nash wife age 36 born Radnorshire, Sth Wales. Walter Ernest son age 14 Apprentice Flour Mill born Culmington, Salop. Alice Mary dau age 11 school, Richard James son age 9 school, Ellenor dau age 7 school, Priscilla dau age 4 school, Isabella dau age 2, all born Llanfhaiadr, Wales.

1911 CENSUS: 62 Llanfair Street, Ruthin, Wales. Herbert Nash head age 53 married Gardener born Bitterley, Salop. Alice Nash wife age 46 married 26 yrs, 10 live births, 8 living, 2 died, born Nantanel, Radnor. Richard Nash son age 19 Single Farm Servant born Henefael, Denbigh. Nelly Nash dau age 17 Single Domestic Servant born Llanrhaiadr, Denbigh. Priscilla Nash dau age 14 Mineral Water Bottle Washer born ditto, Isabella Nash dau age 12 school work born ditto. Herbert Nash son age 9 School work born ditto. John Roberts boarder age 84 Widower Receiving old age pension Labourer born Llanfair, Denbighshire. Timothy Walsh visitor age 26 Single Farm Labourer born Tallow, Waterford, Ireland. Arthur Jones lodger age 46 married Timberman born Knighton, Radnor. Martha Jones visitor age 46 married 9 yrs, 1 live birth, 1 living, born Tychley, Herts.

Samuel Nash

BIRTH: 1856 Dec qtr Ludlow 6d 458. Samuel Nash.


1891 CENSUS: 12 Spring Wells, Llantillo Pertholey, Monmouthshire, Wales. Samuel Nash head mar age 34 Carpenter & Joiner born Bitterley, Shropshire. Sarah Nash wife age 29 Gottre, Monmouth.

1901 CENSUS: Plough Inn, Llantillo Pertholey, Monmouth. Samuel Nash head mar age 44 Inn Keeper born Bitterley, Shropshire. Sarah Ann Nash wife age 41 born Goytre, Monmouthshire.

1911 CENSUS: High Street, Griffith Town, Nr Newport, Mon. Samuel Nash head age 54 married Carpenter born Bitterley Parish, Salop. Sarah Ann Nash wife age 48 married 24 yrs, no children, born Glascoed, Mon. Henery Crump father-in-law age 87 Widower, 7 live births, 5 living, 2 died, Pensioned born Childs Wyckham, Gloucs.

Henry Crump

1871 CENSUS: Farm House, Goytre, Monmouth. Henry Crump head mar age 43 Farmer of 35 acres born Gloucestershire. Sarah Crump wife age 43 born Trevethin, Monmouth. Henry son age 14 Farm Labourer born Glascoed, Sarann dau age 8 scholler born Trevethin. Mary dau age 6 scholar born Goytre. William son age 3 born Goytre. Emaly Lewis servt Unm age 17 Domestic Servant born Goytre.

1881 CENSUS: Crossoped, Goytrey, Monmouth. Henry Crump head mar age 56 Farmer of 33 acres born Gloucestershire. Sarah Crump wife age 54 born Trevethin, Monmouth. Henry son mar age 23 Ag Lab born Glascoed. Sarah A. dau Unm age 18 Employed at home born Trevethin. Mary dau Unm age 16 born Goitrey. William son age 12 scholar born Goitrey.

Herbert William Wyile

BIRTH: IGI submission by patron. Herbert W. Wyile born about 1879, parents Thomas Wyile and Mary Bourne.
!BIRTH: 1879 Mar qtr Ludlow 6a 615. Herbert William Wyile.
!CHRISTENING: Ludlow, Shropshire, England. Christening Date 16 Mar 1879, Name Herbert William Wyile, Father's Name Thomas Wyile, Mother's Name Mary. GS Film number 1526928.

MARRIAGE: 1903 Dec qtr Ludlow 6a 1230. Herbert William Wyile and Mary Elizabeth Jones.

1911 CENSUS: 5 Tillington Cottages, Sandpits Lane, Ludlow, Shropshire. Herbert William Wyile head age 32 married 7 yrs House Painter born Ludlow. Mary Elizabeth Wyile wife age 30 married 7 yrs no children born Ludlow. [Have photo of the cottages in Ludlow].

DEATH: 1935 Dec Leominster 6a 619. Herbert William Wyile age 56, born about 1879.
!PROBATE: National Probate Calendar 7 Dec 1935 Herbert William Wyile of 6 Broad-street Leominster Herefordshire died 8 October 1935 at The Cottage Hospital Leominster Administration Oxford 7 December to Mary Elizabeth Wyile widow and Thomas Henry Wyile cycle agent. Effects £3411 19s 8d.

DEATH: 1959 Dec Ludlow 9a 110. Mary E. Wyile age 79, born about 1880.
!PROBATE: National Probate Calendar 4 Oct 1962 Mary Elizabeth Wyile of 11 St Mary's Lane Ludlow Shropshire widow died 8 December 1959 at Ludlow and District Hospital Ludlow Probate Birmingham 4 October to Edith Eleanor Jones and Elsie Vera Jones spinsters. Effects £1846 17s 6d. [Have photo of St Marys Lane Ludlow].

Mary Elizabeth Jones

BIRTH: 1880 Dec qtr Ludlow 6a 531. Mary Elizabeth Jones.