Selected Families and Individuals


William Hider

1841 CENSUS: Village, Rotherfield, Sussex. William Hider age 65 Indp of this county. He is living with his daughter Harriet Corke and her family.

Edwin Exeter Hyder

CHRISTENING: IGI Extracted record of Rotherfield, Sussex. Born 26 Feb 1831, bap 3 Apr 1831, Edwin Exeter Hider, parents John Exeter Hider and Ann Maria.

1851 CENSUS:

MARRIAGE: 1857 Sep qtr Tonbridge 2a 608. Ansley Rawlings and Edwin Exeter Hider.

1861 CENSUS: Rotherfield, Sussex. Edwin Hyder head mar age 30 Ag Lab born Rotherfield. Ansley wife age 29 born KN. Anna dau age 3, William son age 2, Edith dau age 4mos. All born Rotherfield. Mary Allcorn servt Un age 22 General Servant born KN.

DEATH: 1862 Mar qtr Uckfield2b 55. Ansley Hyder.

1871 CENSUS: Stonehouse, Rotherfield, Sussex. Edwin E. Hyder head mar age 40 Surveyor of Highways born Rotherfield. Ansley Hyder wife age 39 born Paddington, Middlesex. Anna M. dau age 13 scholar, William E. son age 11 scholar, Edith dau age 10 scholar, Albert E. son age 7 scholar, Delcy A. dau age 4. All born Rotherfield. Harriet Clarke servt W age 50 Seamstress born Pelsham, Kent. Isabella Wickham serv age 13 Domestic Servant born Rotherfield.

MARRIAGE: 1872 Sep qtr Tonbridge 2a 608. Ansley Bridger and Edwin Exeter Hider. [Ansley doesn't show up but did look for her with the other details and found her]. Not sure if this is another marriage for them.

1881 CENSUS: Stonehouse, Rotherfield, Sussex. Edwin E. Hyder head mar age 50 Surveyor of Highways born Rotherfield. Ansley wife age 49 born London, Middlesex. Anna M. dau age 23, William E. son age 21 Farmer of 100 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy, Edith dau age 20 Surveyors dau, Albert E. son age 17 Surveyors son, Delcy A. dau age 14 scholar, Ernest E. son age 9 scholar, Arthur A. son age 9 scholar, Louie A. dau age 6 scholar, Lillian B. dau age 4. All born Rotherfield. William Allcorn uncle Unm age 82 retired Farmer born Rotherfield. Amy Collins visitor Mar age 26 born Rochester, Kent. Mary I.Collins visitor age 7 M born Tonbridge, Kent.

DEATH: 1884 Dec qtr Uckfield 2b 77. Edwin Exeter Hyder age 53, born about 1831. [Daughter Delcy died Sep 1884].
!PROBATE: National Probate Calendar 9 Dec 1884 Administration of the Personal Estate of Edwin Exeter Hyder late of the Warren Rotherfield in the County of Sussex Surveyor of Highways who died 5 October 1884 at Rotherfield was granted at the Principal Registry to Ansley Hyder of the Warren Widow the Relict. Personal Estate £97 4s 3d.

1891 CENSUS: Hatheralls Farm House, Fletching, Sussex. Ansley Hyder head Widow age 59 Farmer born London, Middlesex. William E. son age 31, Edith dau age 30, Albert E. son age 27, Ernest E. son age 19, Archibald E. son age 19, Louie A. dau age 16, Lillian dau age 14, All born Rotherfield.

1901 CENSUS: Hatheralls House, Fletching, Sussex. Ansley Hyder head Widow age 69 Farmer born London KN. Edwin Hyder son S age 37 Farmer's son, Ernest Hyder son S age 29 Farmer's son, Louise Hyder dau S age 26, Lillian Hyder dau S age 24. All born Rotherfield.

1911 CENSUS: Atheralls Farm, Fletching, Sussex. Ansley Hyder head age 79 Widow Farmer born Cripplegate, Middlesex. Edwin Hyder son age 46 Single Farmer's son working on farm, Ernest Hyder son age 39 Single Farmer's son working on farm, Louise Hyder dau age 36 Single Poultry Rearer. All born Rotherfield. Lilly Daveson visitor age 20 Single Poultry Rearer born Rotherfield. Charles Chrisford age 37 Single Farm Labourer born Hastings, Sussex. Have photo of the farm.

DEATH: 1918 Sep qtr Uckfield 2b 164. Ansley Hyder age 86, born about 1832.
!PROBATE: National Probate Calendar 30 Oct 1918 Ansley Hyder of Atheralls Farm Fletching Sussex widow died 20 July 1918 Probate Lewes 30 October to Edwin Albert Hyder and Ernest Exeter Hyder farmers. Effects £1385 18s 3d.

Delcy Ansley Hyder

DEATH: 1884 Sep qtr Uckfield 2b 73. Delcy Ansley Hyder age 18, born about 1866.

James Corke

1841 CENSUS: Village, Rotherfield, Sussex. James Corke age 35 Ag Lab, Harriet Corke age 35, William Corke age 15 Ag Lab, Eleanor Corke age 14, Charles Corke age 13, Elizabeth Corke age 8, James Corke age 6, Thomas Corke age 4, Jesse Corke male age 2, Emma Corke age 10months. William Hide age 64 Indep. All of this county.

John Rawlings

1841 CENSUS: Rotherfield, Sussex. John Rawlins age 60 Farmer not of this county. Annesley Rawlins age 45 of this county. Eliza Rawlins age 12, Ansley Rawlins age 9, William Rawlins age 7, Elizabeth Rawlins age 1. Three Ag Labs and a female servt.

1851 CENSUS: Cronks Farm, Rotherfield, Sussex. Ansley Rawlins head Widow age 55 Farmer of 104 acres employing 5 indoor labourers, born Rotherfield. Eliza dau age 22 born Rotherfield. Ansley dau age 19 born St Lukes, Middlesex. William son age 17 born Rotherfield. Elizabeth dau age 11 born Rotherfield. William Allcorn servt Un age 52 Farm Labourer born Rotherfield. John Ware servt Un age 20 Farm Labourer born Buxted. George Tidy servt Un age 19 Farm Lab born Buxted. Amos Marchant servt Un age 19 Farm Lab born Rotherfield. Joseph Wickens servt Un age 17 Farm Lab born Rotherfield.

William Exeter Hyder

MARRIAGE: 1892 Jun qtr Uckfield 2b 227. Ellen Eade Felwick and William Exeter Hyder.

1901 CENSUS: Stitches Farm House, Eridge Green, Rotherfield. William E. Hyder head age 41 Farmer born Rotherfield. Ellen wife age 35 born Buxted. Lillian E. dau age 8 born Crowhurst, Surrey. Archibald W. son age 7 born Crowhurst. Daisy B. dau age 4 born Buxted. Fred Octavius son age 2 born Rotherfield. Delcy Violet dau age 3 weeks born Rotherfield. Ansley L. Reed niece age 15 Mother's help born Newhaven.

1911 CENSUS: Stitches Farm, Elridge Grn, Rotherfield, Sussex. William Exeter Hyder head age 57 married Farmer born Rotherfield. Ellen Hyder wife age 45 married 19 yrs, 6 live births, 6 living, born Buxted, Sussex. Ellen Lillian dau age 18 Single born Crowhurst, Surrey. William Archibald son age 17 Single Goods Assistant born Crowhurst, Surrey. Daisy Beatrice dau age 14 born Buxted, Surrey. Fred Octavis son age 12 born Rotherfield. Delcy Violet dau age 10 born Rotherfield. John Exeter son age 5 born Rotherfield.

Henry Fuller

MARRIAGE: 1892 Dec qtr Lewes 2b 396. Edith Hyder and Henry Fuller.

Hubert John Noble

MARRIAGE: 1909 Sep qtr Uckfield 2b 272. Lillian Blanche Hyder and Hubert John Noble.

Lillian Blanche Hyder

BIRTH: 1877 Jun qtr Uckfield 2b 104. Female Hyder.

Frank W. Parks

MARRIAGE: 1919 Sep qtr Uckfield 2b 339. Louie Alice Hyder and Frank W. Parks.

DEATH: 1973 Jun qtr Lewes 5h 1373. Louie Alice Parks age 99, birthdate 14 Jun 1874.

Horatio Hider

1841 CENSUS: Dwights Cottage, Wadhurst, Sussex. Horatio Hider age 35 MS, Sarah Hider age 35, Alfred Hider age 12, Emily Hider age 10, Augustus Hider age 7, William Hider age 5, Anne Hider age 5, Charles Hider age 1. All in county.

1851 CENSUS: not found, would have to go through the census for Westmeston.

1853: Emmigration to Michigan, USA. Several people are following this family.

Alfred Horatio Hider

1851 CENSUS: 10 Marine Parade, Kemp Town, Brighton, Sussex. Alfred Hyder Serv Un age 21 Hotel Waiter born Rotherfield, Sussex.

DEATH: Certificate on Ancestry. Alfred H. Hyder date of birth 27 April 1829, date of death 26 December 1910 aged 81 yrs 7 months, 29 days. No medical attendance death caused by cardio vascular. Father Horatio Hyder, mother Sarah Bellingham. Camplain, Alligan, Michigan, USA. He was a farmer and owned his own property. He never married.

Augustus G. Hider

1851 CENSUS: 12 Russell Square, St George Bloomsbury, London. Augustus Hyder Servant age 17 Page born Rother, Sussex.

Charles E. Hider

NOTE: Went to the US and is on the census for 1870.

Edwin Hider

DEATH: IGI Age 57 married Labourer.