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Richard Tunks

BITTERLEY PARISH BOOKLET: According to the records, in 1798 Richard Tunks donated 10/6d for help in defraying the costs of government in the Defense of the Country, via a parish donation.

PHOTO: Have photo of Richard Tunks taken in Canada. Sent to me from Sally Tunks Joyner.

NOTE 1: All descendents from this line (Richard Tunks and Catherine Hansel) was given to me from the Canadian Tunks.
!NOTE 2: Contacted by email in Jan 2002 Patti Wallace at regarding her relationship to Richard Tunks born 1780. Richard Tunks was a veteran of the Peninsular War and the War of 1812. He settled in Ontario, Canada.
!NOTE 3: Contacted by email in Feb 2007 by Lawrence at regarding my connection to the Tunks family.

IMMIGRATION: According to a book written by Omar Alvin Tunks c.1918, Richard Tunks (1780-1977) immigrated from England to London, Ontario about 1813 and married twice. Some of the children immigrated to Martinton, Illinois and these US descendents of Richard lived in Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, California, Hawaii and elsewhere. Also from this book, Omar explains a discrepancy about Richard's birth date. He received a letter from The County Record Office, The Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, on 15th Nov 1977 where it states: "Richard, his date of birth should be November 13th 1781 and not 1780. Children were baptised very soon after their birth in those days. No record of birth other than the entry of baptism would have been kept at that date. I think Richard Tunks was misremembering the year."

ARMY: According to the book written above, Richard Tunks joined the British army and he served in the Peninsula War (1808-1818) under the Duke of Wellington. Richard was an excellent swordsman and his sword is purported to be in family hands but to whom is unknown. When Richard was in Canada and the war was over, he decided to stay and obtained a large land grant from the Crown, amounting to 200 acres all in the area of London, Ontario, Canada. He added more acreage later.

LANDOWNINGS: Archives of Ontario, in a letter of Oct 7, 1977, Richard Tunks upon leaving the British Army, became a large landowner in the Township of Westminster, London, Ontario. Richard Tunks acquired four Land Patents from the Crown: 17 Jul 1827 for 200 acres; 2 May 1828 for 200 more acres; 2 Mar 1840 for an additional 100 acres; and 3 Nov 1843 for his last 15 acres.

MARRIAGE 1st: 14 Mr 1816 London, Ontario, Canada to Catherine Hansel.
!MARRIAGE 2nd: 29 Sep 1820 London, Ontario, Canada to Sylvania Barnes.
!MARRIAGE 3rd: married a widow with 4 children, but name unknown as yet.

1841 CENSUS: Richard Tunks proprietor of Lot 40, Concession I, Westminster Township (this is the lot he acquired on 17 Jul 1827 at the age of 47). He has a family of 5, all Congregationalists or Independents by religion. From the census 'one was a native of England, one Scotland, two Canada and one US.

1851 CENSUS: Richard Tunks farmer widower age 71. Richard has four children James age 19, Jane age 17, Mary H. age 15 and Henry age 11. All are single and belong to the Church of England and (he) was born in England. These are the children from his marriage to Silvania.

BURIAL: Brick Street Church Cemetery, London, Ontario. Tombstone inscribed "In Memory of Richard Tunks March 5, 1877 aged 97 years Native of Shropshire, England." Also a foot stone, "Richard Tunks soldier in the Peninsula War and War of 1812 father of 17 buried with sword." On Ancestry.

OBITUARY: The Free Press, London, Canada on Friday March 9, 1877, carried the following article: Death of a Veteran - Many of our citizens will hear with regret of the death of old Richard Tunks, which occurred in Westminster Township a few days ago. His age was 97, and he had been in this section for over 50 years. He was an old peninsular Soldier, and had been in many engagements."

Peter Hoover Tunks

MARRIAGE: Peter Hoover Tunks married Harriet Hungerford age 20, of Westminster Township, Middlesex County, on February 1, 1846. Peter was 22 years old. Abraham Sloot was the minister of the Regular Baptist Church of Westminster Township. Nathan Doyle and George Tunks were witnesses.

NOTE: Peter was granted land by his father, Richard, and the records show that sometime between 1847-1865 was granted 100 acres or more. Peter also received 87½ acres from Arial Townsley. Later, Peter granted lands to Arial Townsley on three occasions. Once he transferred the land to Charles C. Coombs and to Samuel Hungerford. Peter got rid of his lands before he migrated to the US.

1851 CENSUS: Westminster Township. Peter Tunks married Harriot, and three children. Monica I. age 5, Christopher age 4, Herriot M. age 2. The entire family is Presbyterian and all born in Canada.

IMMIGRATION: The family immigrated in 1857 to Martinton, Illinois, USA.

DEATH: It is believed that Peter and his wife Harriet and the youngest child Caroline all died of typhoid fever. They are buried in Martinton, Illinois, Tegge Cemetery.

James Hungerford Tunks

NOTE: James (Jim) Hungerford Tunks is remembered by his extended family as a very benevolent member, always giving money at Christmastime. He was known to have built his estate through accumulation of land in Illinois. He never married.

Marie Jane Tunks

NOTE: Marie Jane took care of her siblings after the death in 1865 of her father and mother and sister.

Clarence Edgar Clark

NOTE: There are five children.