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Favourite places I like to visit in England, and below are favourite places on the web.
Sutton Coldfield, which used to be in Warwickshire, is now part of West Midlands and incorporated into Birmingham.  It is a lovely town with a historical past.  Henry VIII gave the town a Royal Charter and gave the town its park.  He visited the area many times and became firm friends of Bishop Vesey, who is remembered by a plaque which stands in the gardens of the Holy Trinity Church overlooking the town. Bishop Vesey was a teacher to Henry VIIIs daughter Mary and was duly rewarded for his services to the crown. His tomb lies inside the Church.
Wales is the land of legend, song, fire-breathing dragons, powerful wizards, sheep, more sheep, and undisputed natural beauty. You'll find standing stones, Celtic crosses, castles, dramatic cliffs and mountains, wide sandy bays and lush green valleys in the Welsh countryside. The heritage and culture of Wales reach back over thousands of years when poetry and music, art and craft, dance and story-telling all played an essential role. Cardiff, the capital city, is cosmopolitan and exciting--a far cry from the sleepy rural villages. At left is Conwy Castle in north Wales.
Birmingham offers a gateway to the region with its International Airport, but don't miss out on a great city bursting with art, culture, music, nightlife and shopping. The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Birmingham Royal Ballet are world class, and the Jewellery Quarter is a shopper's hidden gem. The Black Country highlights Britain's industrial heritage, and The Potteries, in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, is the birthplace of English ceramics: Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, Spode, Minton, Portmeirion, Moorcroft or Aynsley. The founders of Birmingham were Matthew Boulton 1728-1809, James Watt 1738-1819 and William Murdock 1754-1839. This statue is on Broad Street.
Discover the Heart of England, and over 2,000 years of civilization in a land famed for its natural beauty and heritage. Shropshire, in the west of the region, is where England meets Wales. Home of Brother Cadfael and Ironbridge you will also find beautiful medieval towns with distinctive "black and white" Tudor architecture that continues into Herefordshire. The cathedral city of Worcester lies in the midst of unspoiled rolling countryside and the Malvern Hills. Cheltenham, a Regency Spa town, marks the start of the "Romantic Road" that leads you through the Gloucestershire Cotswold villages, with their honey-colored picturesque stone cottages. Warwickshire is Shakespeare Country and Stratford-upon-Avon is where you'll find the Bard's birthplace, former home and final resting place. And, of course the historic medieval castle of Warwick, Kenilworth Castle and Royal Leamington Spa, where royalty used to bathe in the healing waters.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints website for research
This is a commerical site but is excellent for research in England and the USA
Rootsweb is one of the founding websites for research and has a lot to offer
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A wonderful place to find links to all sorts of research websites
The founders of Birmingham
A cottage in Peopleton, Worcs
Another commercial site but has some wonderful records including the 1911 British census, WWI and II soldiers records
Scotland has amazing vistas over pretty lochs (lakes) and wonderous hills and valleys. It is separated from England by Hadrian's Wall which was built by the Romans to control the tribes on both sides of the wall. Although the Romans were only present in Scotland for 40 yrs, they certainly left their mark but spent much more time in England. There are many interesting castles and stately homes that are open to the public. It is the home of the famous Loch Ness in which Nessie is supposed to reside. Edinburgh (pronounced Edin-burow) is the capital city but is the second largest, Glasgow being the largest city. Recently, we visited north of Glasgow, near Fort William and stayed a few days at my husband's sister's B&B. It is a beautiful area. www.tom-na-creige.com stop by and check it out!
Stalker Castle