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Joseph Austin & Hannah Walton James M. Austin, Mike Dawson, Kathleen Kennedy, Fran Gibbs
Ellen Autie & Frederick Canning Jocelyn Davis
Autie George Autie & Rachel Billinghurst Ann De Vechi
Corfield Rose Ethel Corfield in New Zealand Bernice
Keturah Barker Joyce Hughes
Biggs Robert Biggs & Mary Rowley Vivienne Mulholland
Blayney Tanner/Blayney connections Robert Blayney
Bridgewater Ann Bridgewater & George Brookes Ruth Walters
Brims Brims/Manson/Walton connections Shirley Hay
Bullock Catherine Bullock & Richard Rogers Sandra James
Bushell Thomas Bushell & Ann Firkins Scott Dance
Dineley Dineley ancestors to Goodby & Weale Neil Cole
Firkins Charles R. Firkins & Philipa M.Heritage Peter Firkins
Firkins Lionel Firkins & Adelina P. Johnson Sylvia Firkins
Firkins Annie Gertrude Firkins & C.A. Hayes Susan Pert
Fisher Talbot and Jones connection Jan Talbot, Dianne Morris
Fisher Talbot and Martin connection John Martin
Fisher William Fisher & Jane Oatley Bill Gordon, Ellie Henderson, Julie Gibson
Goodby Emma Goodby & Arthur Osbourne Joy Ferguson
Goodby Alfred Goodby & Pauline Davis Martin Goodby
Goodby Charles Bernard Goodby Ken & Arthur Goodby
Goodby Amelia Goodby & John Tirebuck Stephen Birch,Stephanie Allison
Goodby Ernest J. Goodby & Agnes Preston Bernard Goodby, Robert Goodby
Goodby William Goodby & Emma Hardiker Dr. Robert Goodby
Goodby Mary Goodby & William Perkins Vanessa Young
Goodby George Edward Goodby & Mary P.Wenlock Jo Goodby Tomkins
Goodby George Edward Goodby & Nelly Elwell Keith Goodby
Goodby Edward Goodby & Ann Lucy Powell Eric Goodby
Goodby Horace Goodby & Elsie Beddoes Michael Heys
Goodby Bernard Goodby & Florence Hickman Michael Goodby, Michael Noon
Goodby Kate Elizabeth Goodby & Albert Jones Michele Jones Crumb
Goodby Elizabeth Goodby & William Holder Ian Wilshaw
Goodby William Goodby & Mary Chancellor Gary Turner, Roger Pearson, Carole Needham,Gillian Everett
Goodby Elizabeth Goodby & Thomas Cottrell Kirsty & Nick Slater
Goodby Sarah Goodby & Oliver Dolphin Averil Cave
Goodby Sarah "Dolly" Goodby & Percy Harris Susan Ekdahl, Joan Lynen
Goodby Samuel Goodby & Elizabeth Stokes Keith Salisbury,Gail Rogers
Goodby Mary Goodby & Joseph Scarle Victoria Rogers
Goodby Gertrude Marian Goodby & Frank Russell Carol Gigg
Goodby Clara May Goodby & Arthur Fisher Jane Kent,Sue Hare,Stuart Hill
Goodby Thomas F.Goodby & Ellen Adlington Roger Pearson
Goodby John Goodby & Elizabeth Salmon Elaine Davis
Goodby Henry Percy & Lilian C. Harrington Brenda Oates
Goodby Emila Elizabeth Kate & Thos Fred Oldale Ian M. Wainwright
Gwalchmay Edward Gwalchmay ancestors Vira Price
Harding/Rogers Richard Rogers Harding Anne Stormont Franks
Hemming Harris/Hemming descendents Bob Harris
Oldbury Joseph & Tryphena Oldbury Barbara J.Oldbury
Oldbury Samuel Oldbury & Ann Sanders Mark Oldbury
Oldbury Joseph Oldbury & Phoebe Fellows Paul Oldbury
Oldbury Joseph Oldbury & Phoebe Fellows Carol-Ann Oldbury
Oldbury John Oldbury & Sarah Ann Williams Ian and Sue Parkinson
Payton John Payton & Eliza Cottrell Carole Mansell
Preece Adam Preece & Mary Evans Jane Preece
Saunders Saunders/Walton connection Gary Saunders, Michael Hughes
Spooner Wm Spooner & Rose Zillah Vernon Julie Robbins, Helen Spooner
Sumner Ada A.Sumner & descendents Tony Connolly
Tanner/Ellis Anne Tanner & George Ellis Lyn Brown
Tanner/Richards Maria I. Tanner & Frank Richards Linda Keeping
Tanner/Rogers Elizabeth Tanner & Thomas Blayney Robert Blayney
Tanner/Foxall May E. Tanner & Wm Foxall Maureen Christopher
Tirebuck John Tirebuck & Amelia Goodby Stephen Birch
Tolley Esther Tolley & John Edwards John M.Thomas, David Havard
Tunks George Tunks & Elizabeth Martin Terry Ballinger
Tunks George Tunks & Miriam Sally Tunks Joyner
Tunks Sarah Tunks & William Hodnett Max Hodnett
Tunks Richard Tunks & Catherine Hansel Richard D. Tunks
Turner/Lowe John Turner/Lowe family Rodney Lowe
Vernon John Vernon & Mary Ann Smith Reginald Vernon,Graham Vernon
Vernon Beatrice May Vernon & A.J. Green Jeanette Bowron
Walton John Walton & Emma Wilday Catherine Coleman
Walton Clarissa Walton & John M. Price Tom Ellison, Helen Price, Anya Darr, Pam Hopgood
Walton Thomas Walton & Alice Jelks Keith Lomas
Walton George Henry Walton & Sarah J.Porter Gary Saunders, Mike Hughes, Mike Ryder
Walton/Hibell Walton Hibell lines Sombra Layton, Stephen Thornton
Walton/Locker Simeon Locker & Fanny A.Hands Thelma Wootton
Walton/Manson Peter Manson & Louisa Parke Maggie Senior
Wiggin William Wiggin & Elizabeth Ash Robert Pritchard

I want to give credit where it is due and this is a list of some of the people, who have contacted me, regarding the names I am researching. They have given me their links regarding their own descendents from my lines and, in most cases, I have enlarged their research. If you feel you are connected through them, please email me and I will forward your name or email information to them. Suttonian1@aol.com